Tofu Scramble

Amazingly flavoursome!!!

Amazingly great texture!!!

Amazingly easy!!!

Green Bunny’s special Tofu scramble 🙂

200 g. of firm tofu

One red onion

Two ripe tomatoes

½ tsp. of paprika powder

½ tsp of curry powder (medium spice)

Three tbsp. of nutritional yeast

Pinch of salt

A handful of dill or other herbs (scallions, cilantro) 

1.Cut the onion into fine strips and fry in a pan until soft.

2. Add in 6 pieces cut tomatoes- cook slowly.

3. In a separate bowl break the tofu into the chunks and add all the spices, yeast flakes and salt – combine thoroughly.

4. Add the tofu mixture to onions and tomatoes. Cook well while stirring. Cook until tofu becomes a little bit crispy and flavor has developed.

5. Chop the greens finely and add at the very end of cooking.

*Serve tofu scramble with some fresh veggies like cucumber, tomato or bell pepper.


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